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Websites I've crafted on a variety of topics

My intent is to craft everything I do with the theme of harmony among people and planet in some way. Gifts and talents are only as good as one puts them into use in a way that serves a greater, more harmonious world. If you have arrived here, I hope you take the time to explore each of this sites. Collectively they present a vision of how I see we can effect positive change in our world and what I am doing to promote that vision.

bethedream.net, zendor
Blog w/ Pages - Harmony Focused
bethedream.com, zendor
Static Site - Transformational Coaching
bethedream.info, zendor
Blog - Creating Harmony in the Chaos
plentarycitizens.net, zendor
Static Site - Sharing Wayshowers
Static Site - Educational Opportunity
Blog - Making Sense Common in Politics
pro-prenuer.guru peer advisory groups
Blog and Site - Micro-Business
propres.com peer advisory groups
Blog and Site - Peer Advisory Groups
2 Small Biz Guys - business radio
Blog and Site - Business Radio
teampartnering.com, zendor
Static Site - Construction Partnering
mothershipcafe.com, zendor
Static Site - Interstellar Meanderings
Curated Blogs & Blog - Ufology Focused
sonofashtar.com, zendor
Static Site - Personal Journey
good fidelity
Blog - Thoughtmosphere Development
United We Stand Productions
Static Site - Unified Fieldwork
Blog - Business Opportunity
speakers resource organization
Organization & Blog
zen benefiel resume
Professional Resume