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Bruce 'Zen' Benefiel MA, MBA, CHt, TLC

Principal and owner of Be The Dream, LLC (since 1988), specializing in partnering facilitation, project management, organizational development, strategic planning consulting, customer service and motivational speaking. His vocational experience spans aerospace, education, health foods, home improvements, manufacturing, radio, social services, television and video production. Zen is one of those characters who has kept moving, creating and facilitating projects including a plethora of passions. 

His personal passions have fueled his professional life as well. An adoptee (6 weeks), contactee and near-death experiencer sets him apart from the usual crowd. Garnering the wisdom from each has given him the ability to lead with uncommon sense and style while bridging diverse backgrounds and perspectives to achieve common goals and objectives. Zen believes anything is possible when people, places and things are aligned with purpose.

With the ability to stand out in a crowd, such as the space cowboy to the right, Zen undoubtedly gets mixed reviews. Yet, spending a few moments in conversation reveals a deeply intelligent and caring nature that is rare in the world today. From a colleague, “Zen possesses an expansive view of how to accomplish a given task. He is also open to new ideas and willingly endorses others' ideas which better accomplish the goal. Zen has a great strength in interpersonal communications.”


Personal Objectives


zen benefielZen completed his Transformational Life Coach certification in 2004 through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. He also taught Business Plan Development classes there and worked with the staff in organizational development, communication and problem-solving preferences as the school was growing tremendously.

Since then he has served scores of clients through a variety of business and personal processes. His unique background allows him to address the conservative crowd as well as those who desire to experience the 'urban shaman' approach to transformation in the red rocks of Sedona. He's had the opportunity to work with numerous Nations in Arizona on a variety of themes, from roads to cultural heritage parks and more.

Zen also provides partnering facilitation for the Arizona Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration multi-million dollar construction projects bringing contractors, designers, engineers, municipalities, utilities and others to consensus in launching project management, issue resolution and action plan development. Several of his 'partnerings' have received partnering excellence awards.

In the early 80s he catapulted a health foods company's success with a 45% increase in market penetration throughout a 13-state territory. In the mid 80s he facilitated $7 million per month in commercial aircraft spare parts, then a 20% reduction in delinquent military spares shipments, as an aerospace production control coordinator through aligning interdepartmental information flow. In the process, he initiated interpersonal skills development when it was not popular.

Rising from the ashes yet again after nearly a year of self-examination, he became a radio and television host in the early 90s. His focus was on overcoming common fears that helped people achieve their dreams. Hosting over 100 One World shows, he highlighted success stories from homeless transitional facilities to city government to internationally acclaimed celebrities. He went on to co-produce several community activism television shows on child development, holistic medicine, political activism and community service.

He also worked with tribal representatives to help facilitate the development of the Steele Indian School Park, learning the reality and value of 'all our relations' being connected. A rare interview with the co-chair of the Phoenix Indian School Preservation Coalition sparked his involvement.

Zen developed a live metaphor for transformation; a comedic look at his own quest for congruence complete with PowerPoint (1995) and presented to hundreds throughout the following decade. During this period he completed his Master of Business Administration in Project Management from the University of Phoenix in 1997, going on to complete certification in Secondary Education with the goal of empowering students with real world connections to their learning.

After receiving certification in Secondary Education, Zen was granted an emergency certification in special education for high school. It turned out that business openings were rare in the Phoenix Metro area. He took his students through a successful journey in creating research papers; thought nearly impossible by 'trained' school staff. Zen also completed certification in Hypnotherapy, providing an avenue to share techniques in accessing deep knowing and pattern changing processes.

He went on to manage entire curriculums at several charter high schools and even a residential treatment center for adjudicated teens while finishing a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix in 2002. He wrote a project plan for an alternative school/community called Spectrum Academy. An author and avid writer, a paper on personal ethics garners several thousand views per month on the web now.

Always the champion for the underdog, Zen worked with Self Employment Loan Fund to help challenged entrepreneurs, women and minority owned businesses, through consulting and facilitating written business plans, in acquiring small business loans and assisting with organizational development.

As an educator with real world experience his compassion and understanding allows him to communicate effectively on a wide range of topics that relate to self-awareness, personal development and co-creating healthy environments and relationships in the new millennium. The new paradigm is collaborative creation, inclusive of personal and planetary purpose.

"Anything less than the truth and we make fools of ourselves." author unknown

Objectives when engaged

Focus: Integrating science and spiritual principles to empower co-creation and achievement of dreams/goals.

Secondary: Excellence in education delivery in secondary, post-secondary and professional environments.

Management Style: Charismatic / Transformational

Skills set:

Completed Graduate Studies:

Master of Arts - Organizational Management, U. of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ 10/03

Human Resources, Conflict Management, Project Planning - 3.94 gpa

Master of Business Administration, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ – 2/97

Project Management, Marketing, and Production - 3.84 gpa


Other Education:

Bachelor of Science - Business Administration, University of Phoenix 11/89

Life Coach Certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, AZ – 8/04

15 proficiencies for personal and professional development – 100 hours

Secondary Teacher Certification, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ – 11/98

Business Certification - 3.95 gpa

Hypnotherapy Cert., Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Scottsdale, AZ – 2/98

Stress relief, personal growth and development – 100 hours

Desktop Publishing Certificate, Aztech College, Tempe, AZ – 8/92

Adobe Illustrator, Quark, Adobe PageMaker – 100 hours

BS in Business Administration, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ – 11/89

Major: Advertising, Finance and Marketing - 3.72 gpa

Self Employment & Personal Endeavors:

Be The Dream, Gilbert, AZ (1988 to present)

Business & Personal Transformational Coach & Facilitator - Entrepreneurial and executive coaching; sales/marketing consulting, ministerial and spiritual counseling, hypnotherapy, personal transformational life coaching, personal and professional development workshops using the synergy of science and spiritual wisdom.  Facilitator for partnering workshops in various industries, fostering collaboration and team building.

Can Do Productions, Inc., Phoenix, AZ (1992 -93)

Video/television producer, host, procurement coordinator and media buyer. Developed format, content, and talent and secured studio time, coordinated location tapings and directed final post-production for series of 30 minute community activist television shows called “Who?”. Simultaneously Production Coordinator for three other hosts' shows  with multiple studios, location tapings and crews to assemble.

GAIA-Fest (Aug. 2001), Pacific Palisades, California

Co-creation and facilitation of eco-festival in multi-tiered canyon, know as Las Pulgas, celebrating environmental and spiritual alternatives. Event included body/mind/spirit vendors, alternative energy devices, eco-system regeneration projects, organic gardening, paulownia tree exhibit and live music with 60+ vendors. Attendance was estimated at 2,000 patrons and received front-page coverage in Pacific Palisadian, CA newspaper.

Mission: Earth Dance (Spring 2001), Phoenix, Arizona

Event Producer – Series of one-day events to raise awareness for at-risk youth population in Arizona. Topics included Social Innovation and Community Building, Patterns and Problems in Global Business Archetypes, Touching Lives and Healing People, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Removing Prejudice from Our Lives and Schools.

ONE WORLD (1990-92), Phoenix, Arizona

Producer/Host - 30-minute weekly cable television show for 65 weeks based on thinking globally and acting locally interviewing various celebrities, public figures, business, education, environmental, social psychology, and science and technology professionals and how they worked through personal and/or professional fears to find success.

Native American Heritage Park and Cultural Center (1990-93), Phoenix, Arizona

Advocate - Participated in proposal writing and presentation to the City of Phoenix Mayor and Council regarding multi-use development of Phoenix Indian School Park grounds. Acted as temporary co-chair for volunteer group of mostly Native Americans demanding Native American cultural and heritage recognition as a compliment to the diversity of Arizona. Process took 2 ½ years and resulted in the project approved and implementation. Steele Indian School Park opened in November of 2001.

Prophets Conference (Oct. 1997), Phoenix, Arizona

Event Manager – Coordinated and managed all logistics at Corona Ranch in Levine, Arizona, a 17-acre mini-ranch and rodeo grounds.  Logistics included over 30 presenters in 5 lecture areas (3 tented), 120 vendor booths w/ pipe and drape, paramedics, security, traffic, waste management  and 50 volunteers. Event drew over 5,000 patrons for the 3-day weekend.

Earth Concert 1989, Phoenix, Arizona

Organized, promoted, negotiated media coverage, and emceed weekend multi-speaker conference and forums, including music concert finale. Coordinated approx. 50 volunteers in development and implementation of action plans, distributing printed materials, site and venue development, public awareness outreach and logistics at the venue, Scottsdale Sun Center.

A Metaphysical Coming Together, (Sept. 1988), Phoenix, Arizona

Along with a half-dozen other enthusiasts (members of the Valley of the Sun New Age Alliance) who wanted to present a common front regarding the 'new age' philosophy of the time, we crafted a weekend conference with a couple dozen speakers and a few musical interludes. Patricia Cota-Robles was our keynote opener. It was the first gathering of its kind in Phoenix. I was the marketing manager and was interviewed on KTAR radio about the event.




I've been bold enough to risk and shy enough to resist many things in life. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to do so many things, sometimes I feel like I've done more in one lifetime than some do in many. Still, I find that engaging some joy in all one does is crucial for being happy  and successful in life.


“Working with Zen is as his name reflects, a tranquil place of intuitive and happy beginnings! I would reccommend him to anyone searching for guidance in their personal evolution, be it emotional, spiritual and/or occupational. He is a kind, humorous, pragmatic universal thinker that can help you put your thoughts in a more constructive perspective. Creating suggested venues for personalizing a joyful and successful plan for change, renewal, and visualization will help you evolve the paradigm you desire to live in.

I found Zen on an effort to link with a soul that would understand my transitional ideas, my new thoughts, and might be able to help me evolve my challenges in a thoughtful way…and I landed on Zen's page!  His concepts and offer to coach me were intriguing and kind, and when it said he loved Rock n Roll, I knew he must be alright!  My suggestion to you is to give Zen a call, share your ideas, concerns, concepts… and he will carry you to the outer limbs of the tree so you can get a better view.  He will hold your hand so you don’t fall-

Nancy Chase, Owner - LiveWell Ventures, Inc.

“Since I've known Zen, he is a facilitator of change and naturally facilitates the ability to glimpse a new perspective and awareness. And that change is about breaking new ground. Zen has the ability to show up in one's life usually just when you need to reach further or find your way personally, spiritually or professionally. Zen’s sense of inquiry and experience help one to find their own answers. And in my opinion, that is nature’s highest road. And when change becomes fearful, Zen's calm demeanor and occasional dry humor help the ability to move freely. Zen, thanks for your insight over the years.”

Mark Geretti, Controller, American Bureau of Information - Tempe, AZ

"Zen Benefiel is a man of great ideas and passion. You will never find Zen in a box ~ "Out of the Box" thinking is one of his best attributes. He is a wonderful motivational speaker and workshop leader. A few years ago I had the opportunity to bring him in to work with a staff of 15 people for Team Building. He did an outstanding job ~ so much so we still use the information as a benchmark for communication.”

K.C. Miller, Founder/Owner, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

“I consider Zen to be one of those superlative examples of what the human brain can store and serve up in unique and appealing ways at will on most any occasion or assignment. To say his range of knowledge and interests are "eclectic" is engaging in understatement. And this is what makes his services as a "possibilities coagulator" for his clients so valuable and exciting. Smart fellow! Great ally!”

Dudley Lynch, President - Brain Technologies, Inc.

"Zen is an exceptional teacher, conceptualist and transformative coach. He has helped surround my limitations with awareness, showing me how to discover the nature of limitation itself. He has guided me to ask myself questions that empowered me to break on through to the other side. When you are ready to step bravely forward, enlist Zen's help to ensure that you don't fall back into old patterns and cheat yourself out of your potential. Zen knows the dynamics of that internal battle and can help you to stay accountable to yourself."

Todd Schaefer, Author/Speaker

Insights of Others:

Citizen involvement is crucial to the decision-making process and I commend your efforts with the Indian School Heritage Park development.

Paul Johnson, Mayor – City of Phoenix, Arizona

Zen is a rare find in education… he has a ‘calling’… his belief, creativity and compassion add value to students as learners and people.

Angela Budde, English Teacher, Trevor Browne High School

 …offers fresh ideas, creative problem solving techniques… exercises leadership when necessary to accomplish group goals… substantial contributions toward success.

Dr. Charles Wiley, Faculty Member, University of Phoenix

 ...works well with others ...ability to effectively communicate his thoughts on a wide range of topics....impressed by the degree of sensitivity and enthusiasm.

Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., Faculty Associate, Glendale Community College

...very resourceful and creative ...communication and  concern for the community makes him an asset. 

Julia Zozaya, AZ Special Projects Coordinator, United Latin American Citizens

...an exceptional young man, dedicated to honesty, credibility and integrity in all the aspects witnessed. …instrumental in the success of the Indian School Heritage Park.

Jean Chaudhuri, President, Indian Women in Progress

...good in the environment of working with groups of people, speaking to groups and organizing projects, especially when acting as a mediator or negotiator.

Robert Puryear, Systems Analyst, AMEX

...well prepared presentation, effectively modulated ...anticipation and timing was superb; intensified by using distractions to demonstrate understanding.

Robert Wahl, Hypnotherapist

...has shown interpersonal skills that allow him to work effectively in potentially hostile situations with patience and poise ...resourceful...good communicator and team player .

Martin Stone, Training and Development, JTPA, City of Phoenix

...positive, pro-active management style ...takes initiative and meets the needs of others ...is a doer, not a talker, and can take charge of a management position and make things happen.

Ruth Fisher, Glendale Airport Manager

...am always impressed by his abilities to communicate in ways that assist others to understand whatever the topic he is intending to communicate. He is a natural facilitator, bringing together people and ideas in a cohesive manner that supports their effectuation.

Jerome Allan Landau, J.D.

Professional Associations:

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Association for Tralent Development - Previous Valley of the Sun Board of Directors

International Association for Near Death Studies

International Association of Facilitators 

University of Phoenix Alumni Association

International Association of Coaches

American Counseling Association

International Speakers Network

Personal affiliations:

The Pluralism Project

Universal Life Church

Habitat for Humanity

Living The Field

Taking It Global

Holistic Local

Earth Charter

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