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zen benefiel one sheet

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Some HIStory for your perusal...

Orphaned at birth I learned early that I was adopted and although I had a wonderful upbringing with truly loving parents, I still had a quest for knowing myself deeper that led to metaphysical, psychological, religious and spiritual explorations. I was unaware of the level of intelligence I truly had as I thought my curious nature was normal. My IQ was 160+ according to the tests, but I felt like a idiot trying to understand people. I excelled in academia and sports, even became Master Councilor of our local DeMolay chapter but it all seemed trivial in the nature of living.

I had multiple OBEs before I was ten and even a period where later discovery indicated I was engaged in a 'contactee' process according to descriptions of others and details in various books. So needless to say, I have a little different perspective on life.

I also had an NDE as a teenager that set the tone for my adult life. I was living in the honors dorm at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana at the time, having tested out of nearly the entire general requirements for freshmen. I found I wasn't truly ready for academia of a college nature and continued on my quest to know self.

I received an MA in Organizational Management, MBA in project management, Secondary Teaching Certification and BS in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. My student number is 671 and I lay claim to the current marketing slogan, “I am a Phoenix.” I serve as a transformational life coach, business coach and partnering consultant.

Among other things, I'm working with a long-time entrepreneur and businessman who facilitates peer advisory boards for small business concerns. The creative spirit is alive and well in America and will help to change the course of our country over time. As in anything of value, collaboration is key. The impact of the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standards will help lead the way.