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Sri Auribindo
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - Quantum Awakening
Brooke Medicine Eagle
John Stevenson - One Life
Dr. John Haeglin
Ayn Rand Institute
Meria Heller
Peter Pullar
Rupert Sheldrake
Jeff Rense
Maitreya Ishwana
Mark Amaru Pinkney
Jose Arguelles
Marcia Shafer
Christopher Hardaker

Robert Fritz - Technologies for Creating
Drunvalo Melchizedek
Richard Hoagland
Larry Hunter
Rudolf Bosnjak
Dr. David and Wistancia Stone
James Twyman
Dr. Richard Boylan
Robert Ghostwolf
Flemming Funch
Clark C. McClelland
Paul Fairman...Light-I
Star-Esseenia Temple
Aquarian Perspectives - The Doves
Willard Van de Bogart

Organizations, etc.

United Humankind Organization
Earth Soul Science
Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies
The Divine Emanations
The Kabalarian Society
The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential
The Electroherbalism Homepage
The New Thought Network
Energetic Arts Directory
Sananda's Eagles
Time Out for Truth
Operation Terra

The Light Party
Libertarian Party
Council on Spiritual Practices
New Heaven and New Earth
The Threshold Society
NZ Wingmakers
Earth 911 Organization
L/L Research...Ra Material
Galactic Federation
Planetary Society
Urantia Foundation
Tobias - Crimson Circle


World Brotherhood Union
Knowledge of Reality
The Gnostic Society Library
Keys of Enoch
Mind Master

Atlantis Uncovered
Native Web
Spirit of Ma'at
Matrix Institute for Consciousness Studies
Australian New Age Library

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Most of the links on this page are from a decade ago and are still working. I cannot attest for the authenticity of the information and advise your discretion in deliberating over their contents.

I am an eduholic and avid researcher, prompted by the need to look for further understanding and validation of my own experience. I've developed an 'experience system' based on testing belief systems to date. I encourage all to suspend their own belief systems as you quest for truth.

Living today has expanded our reality to encompass many worlds, just treat them respectfully and they will offer a new living awareness.