Before the Internet

First published article.

A Metaphysical Coming Together Radio Interview with Mel Young

First Series of Multi-Speaker Events produced by Be The Dream and Article in The Arizona Light

What was left of a huge international project that didn't make it... Earth Concert 1989 (we did)

First workshop patterned after ET 101 - The Cosmic Instruction Manual


Aura's birth 

In 1988 I began discussion groups, seminars and workshops as well as penning some articles for local metaphysical newspapers. I got published fairly easily.

I went on to help put on the Metaphysical Coming Together at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Resort. I was also interviewed by Mel Young on the Southwest's largest AM talk radio station, KTAR. There is a copy of it you can listen to here. I certainly wasn't prepared for the audience's responses.

Later I went on to craft a workshop that took a comedic look at my own transformation as a live metaphor. The book E.T. 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution helped launch a new direction. Zen's Mystic Moment