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I've written a number of books. Most of them are on Create Space and using this code: UCRGS9EZ you'll receive a 30% discount on everything there. Just click on the cover images. The covers and description of each are below:

near-death of a different sort Near-Death experiences are rare enough. One brought on through prayer is unique. This story is about a young man who's desire to know Truth took him into realms unknown, outside any religious frameworks.

One evening in 1975 the author knelt in prayer. "Heavenly Father, I want to know truth, eternal truth, and I'm willing to die for it if necessary," was his prayer. He was 18 and in his first year of college on a Pre-Med program living in the Honor Dorm at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

Although short, this heart-felt cry was a most intense prayer from the depths of his being. He was seeking something completely beyond the realms of human understanding. Strange as that may seem, outer world distractions have a profound effect on our development of inner connections.

This book will take you through the journey into the light and beyond and leave you with many questions for sure. Some of them will have answers. Others you'll have to find them on your own. Of course, the author does have some capacity to help you.
linkedin workbook You are about to embark on a journey into cyberspace, specifically into the realms of LinkedIn™ and its many features. As you might imagine, no one person or book has all the answers. This workbook has most of them, though, compiled from across the Web and various experts with links and references for further research.

The 'assignment' (see Dudley Lynch's reference) for this volume was to gather and present the best practices of LinkedIn usage for growing relationships and business transactions.

In this 80 page workbook we’ll look at information collected from a number of sources, plus offer some wisdom regarding relationship building. If you've considered the notion that LinkedIn™ has more to offer than you are getting currently, then this workbook is for you. Hours and hours of research and vetting went into this material. You'll garner the rewards.

Zendor the Barbarian - An Adoptee's Quest for Identity is a new millennial myth wrapped in a true story about an orphan's discovery of his extraterrestrial origins. He learns to live in worlds yet undiscovered by many yet available to all, finding others like him along the way who share the quest for harmony among people and planet. They are all here to facilitate a new world order of harmony among people and planet. "Who am I?" and "What am I here to do?" take on a whole new meaning as the reader is taken on this journey. You'll find exposure to intimate feelings and thoughts about facing the unknown and conquering fear on many levels. The first in a series, this story weaves personal experiences, intelligent investigations and a search for identity into a mind-bending movement through life. The author offers careful considerations toward the search for truth, human potential and galactic citizenship as he discovers more than he ever imagined in his quest for identity and self-awareness. More here...


Are We ONE?... We hear about the notion of oneness, but what does it really mean in the practical day-to-day living on planet Earth? Does the concept really hold relevance? From corporate conundrums in workplace learning and performance to political postulates for serving the needs of society to religious rhetoric meant to free our souls' purpose to manifest in our daily lives to extraterrestrial contacts and messages of oneness... its a full stop when simple and obvious questions arise. If we are one planet and one people, then how do we actually demonstrate it in our lives and work? Investigate the opportunities for considerations from an adoptee whose search for identity has led to experiences in many worlds, internal and external. Compare your own awareness and opportunity to live in harmony with people and planet as you read this inquiry into intelligence. Are we one?


Cosmic Conundrum... Who are you? Really... Who are you? Many are awakening to the potential of galactic citizenry. This is an expository guide to facilitate cosmic / multidimensional awareness and engage ET contactee experiences. Engage this book as a process designed to facilitate becoming a galactic citizen. Check out MothershipCafe.com for more. This psychospiritual coursework is designed to bridge worlds, build relationships across dimensions and transform lives during this global shift in consciousness. What you may think you know about extraterrestrials will be challenged as you explore the pages of this book. Points of view differ regarding our origination, the development of human beings and their 'dominion' on earth. What if there was more to the story that we haven't even explored yet because we've been too terrestrially-focused? Are you galactic by nature? Clearing the cobwebs out of the soular mind begins with questioning the very foundation of one's belief system. When does direct experience trump belief? Maybe now, once you engage this material.

B004RR15M4 Religious Sex - Mayhem to Mastery... What would you imagine Religious Sex would be like? Does it bring passion and purpose to mind? How about a steamy romance with the Divine? My exuberance in sharing my story was the beginning of what the field of psychology and more specifically psychiatry calls the ‘messianic complex.’

There was no 'how to' included in the experience. It was a most unhealthy and unappreciated place to be for the aspirant of divine guidance who wishes to remain free of attachments, but can only express from a child-like place at that time.


Transformation: A Guide for Change was created because people need information AND processes to apply the knowledge. I was able to find phenomenal transformational tools and put the results in a short, easy-to-use manual that gives you access to an entire spectrum of personal growth pearls. I even include the intimate details to help you accelerate results. This workbook walks you through the tasty tidbits of tactical and strategic transformation from decades of in-depth self-development tools discovered, learned and practiced. The material takes you deep into your own process and offers you the ability to consider many points of view, challenging you to change on a moment to moment basis.


Zendor the Barbarian Part Deux...How would you resolve the challenges in belief systems that were threatened by your mere existence? Would you remain sane? Zendor the Barbarian is a story about an orphan searching for identity and bridging science and spirituality in the process. His life unfolds as his curiosity builds, with things adding up to more than he ever expected along the way. Zendor the Barbarian wields a sharp intellect and insatiable quest for understanding the weird stuff that happens to him as he questions the nature of reality and his place in it. He's told early that his 'mission' is to facilitate a new world order; one of harmony among people and planet.

Zendor the Barbarian - Part Troix

The continuing journey is sublimely presented and offered for consideration to the reader, with self-analysis and critical reflection included. Later in the decade his 'handlers' show up to upgrade his communication capacity, installing a cosmic RJ45 in the back of his head that a psychic 'sees' months later and asks him about it during an International UFO Congress event.

Zendor explores the depths of what keeps him and others afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile in the face of a constantly changing reality and obvious interactions with other worlds. The challenge to change is within us all, inviting us to become something greater than we were yesterday so that we can meet tomorrow with an understanding of harmony among people and planet - a new world order as a planetary civilization.

2012 Achievement Ascension, zen benefiel

2012 Achievement Ascension... We are in for the ride of our lives, according to the growing wave of proponents of the ‘Shift’ or the Egyptian, Mayan and Sumerian calendars that all seem to end at the Winter Solstice of 2012. NOw that we are beyond it... what's next?

What are the driving forces or factors in this process?

If we truly are ONE, then what might we expect to experience or observe? Many questions are evoked by the mere contemplation of how the future is going to unfold and the complexity wrapped in the enigma of human interaction. YOu'll love the internal investigative style.

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About Me

I started out a nobody with nothing. I was orphaned at birth and adopted at six weeks old by a wonderful couple, the Benefiels. I was with them for nearly 21 years. Dad was a tool and die maker for GM and Mom taught 8th grade English and Literature.

I enjoyed a gifted-level aptitude and intelligence in just about anything I attempted, but didn't really understand why for many years.  I managed to get into a lot of things in my youth. DeMolay offered a solid foundation on top of what I'd learned at home.

I got married early and, in spite of my best efforts, the marriage fell apart in its 10th year. I've got few regrets in life and not being with my children is the biggest, even though it was not possible at the time. I knew what the separation felt like and prayed for time to heal.

Early on, I also had some interesting twists and turns in my life, completely beyond this world. I heard a voice in my early years that has been with me my entire life, guiding me in love. I've had what many call 'contact' including extraterrestrial before I was 10, yet able to manage the experience with some sense of logic and rationale.

My books are varied as a result of a life-long passion to know the unknowable. I know every question has an answer and I've continually sought better questions as the rabbit hole got deeper and deeper. I've been fortunate to have met some brilliant and wonderful people along the way.

In the 90s I got the chance to produce and host a television show on a local cable network that allowed me to ask questions of others, seeking a common thread in how we overcome fear and move toward connectedness. You'll find some episodes elsewhere on this site.

The most interesting part of me life, though, is the consistent presentation of events and information that link me to some grander plan and specifically to the Galactic Federation. Now as incredulous as that might sound (trust me, I know) there are many who've also reflected such an experience. What it is all about is yet to come, but I have a sense that it all has to do with establishing harmony among people and planet to that our planetary civilization can evolve and prosper.

alien agendas and anal probes

Alien Agendas and Anal Probes

 explores the notion of alien agendas from a different point of view, a little below the belt. UFO abductees and contactees will find this book refreshingly insightful and objective. Curious sorts will find the material intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking. The author takes a refreshing look at the UFO phenomena, possible alien agendas and the science behind the anal probes we've heard about for decades amongst the Ufology community.