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Creating Harmony from Chaos

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Making Sense Common - Independence Arizona

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I've grown up to be inquistive and willing to be wrong. I've found that the more we question life, the more life seems to demand from us. Truth is found by testing everything one finds until it can no longer be disturbed.

Many of us know the process of doors opening and closing in our lives. It may have taken us years to recognize that it works exquisitely when we let go and just pay attention. That doesn't mean we don't do any work. Quite the contrary. The transitions in the hallways are internal chaos at times, even though we may look placid on the outside.

How do we negotiate the hallways more efficiently and effectively? Sometimes it's good to seek help from those who've apparently got keys to the turnstile or at least have been taken under wing by the Phoenix.

One such Possibilities Coagulator is at your service. You can also learn how to go within and ask questions on your own. The journey can be anything you choose it to be and making better choices comes through experience and time. Rapid learning curves are available and optional.