Some of HIStory for your perusal...

Orphaned at birth I learned early that I was adopted and although I had a wonderful upbringing with truly loving parents, I still had a quest for knowing myself deeper that led to metaphysical, psychological, religious and spiritual explorations. I was unaware of the level of intelligence I truly had as I thought my curious nature was normal. My IQ was off the charts according to my parents who were afraid to tell me when I was young, but I felt like a idiot trying to understand people. I excelled in academia and sports, even became Master Councilor of our local DeMolay chapter but it all seemed trivial in the nature of living.

I had multiple OBEs before I was ten and even a period where later discovery indicated I was engaged in a 'contactee' process according to descriptions of others and details in various books. So needless to say, I have a little different perspective on life. I also had an NDE as a teenager that set the tone for my adult life. I was living in the honors dorm at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana at the time, having tested out of nearly the entire general requirements for freshmen. I found I wasn't truly ready for academia of a college nature and continued on my quest to know self.

I left college after buying a couple of sets of drums with my room and board money, having to move out of the dorm (not informing my parents) and as a result found myself in a psychiatric ward after being accosted at a frat house and receiving several stitches above my left eye. I spoke to the doctor as an observer of my process, which didn't help the situation, and only after I told him what he wanted to hear was I even considered for release.

I could not believe that humans could treat each other with such a lack of authentic discussion or investigation into the development of one's thoughts. It has given my an appreciation for people who are often discarded by 'professionals' without understanding. I found solace in the mundane for a few years afterward. I married and moved to Phoenix after the auto industry collapse in the late 1970s, finding work as a machinist and growing our family became my priority.

After my marriage with four children fell apart I went through a pretty intense 'realignment with self' period, garnering even deeper understanding of our quest for success. I had been an aerospace production control coordinator, in charge of $7 million in shipments a month and a convert to Mormonism through following my dreams and inner impressions at the time. I thought the value system of the church would be good for both my wife (abused by several step-fathers) and children. Her childhood patterning turned out to be too much to transcend at the time and she began having affairs instead of working out relationship issues.

After our divorce things changed drastically as I parted company on both fronts; became an eduholic, learned to laugh at myself again, and found happiness in me once more. I went back to school for nearly a decade, earning degrees and certifications to satisfy the need for credentials and to work on my presentation skills. I was compelled by the nature of my spiritual path to engage the business world in a new way, applying what I found to be key elements in creating collaborative events.

Consequently, through my unique and often humorous style (ability to laugh at 'self') I help bring opportunity to light, personal and professional, to empower change in personal or collaborative endeavors needing facilitation toward execution. I know the place to listen amidst the chaos, to open to central themes in the discovery of bottlenecks, to identify critical paths and engage support from reluctant participants. I am selective in service, considerate of confidence, inspired by intelligence and intuition, and play the fool well - often leading the way for wisdom or prudent paths to emerge. I am a master at moving people to action while developing concepts through construction.

Beyond a life of trials and tribulations, the desire to serve a holistic new world order compells collaboration. "There is a congruence in all experiences of a metaphysical or spiritual nature... a profound sense of relief and release... a reunion with the essence of life....LOVE, Limitless Oscillating Vibrational Energy. The secret is to translate a very nebulous type of experience into a practical pragmatic way of living and doing business."

Coaching and facilitating provide the bridge to business and personal harmony with the psychospiritual threads necessary to weave life's tapestry more holistically. I bring the seemingly nebulous idealism innate to most cultural creatives into a common sense practice that achieves balance and even harmony in learning organizations, project planning sessions and management practices.

After effects of my personal and professional transformation:


On a more professional note, I've authored several books including Transformation: A Guide for Change, am Co-Director/Founder of Spectrum Academy, Inc. (waiting for benefactor),  Founder/Owner of Be The Dream, LLC and Managing Partner of Team Partnering, LLC. I am on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and You Tube.

I served as Web Director, Conference Chair and President-Elect for the Phoenix (VOS) Chapter of the Association for Talent Development; Co-Chair for the Phoenix Indian School Preservation Coalition; Coordinator for the Phoenix Institute of Noetic Sciences community.

I received an MA in Organizational Management, MBA in project management, Secondary Teaching Certification and BS in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. My student number is 671 and I lay claim to the current marketing slogan, “I am a Phoenix.”

I have facilitated DOT / Federal Highways Administration road and bridge construction partnering workshops, which often include First Nation considerations. I've written business curriculum, taught business plan development and facilitated micro-loans for women and minority-owned businesses.

I was a production control coordinator in the aerospace industry for five years, responsible for $7 million in monthly shipments; a high school teacher for five years, in charge of an entire curriculum at two charter schools; and special event manager for ten years with ranges of 5,000 to 250,000 patrons per event.

I produced and hosted ONE WORLD television show, with over 100 shows from 1990 to 1992.  Find some here: http://ow.ly/sCXiB