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After many years of creating stuff and sharing in and on different threads across the web, I decided to centralize. I've kept stuff separate because not all minds can track the information I share across the gamut of content areas. I'm interested and conversant on a lot of things. I was gifted with a high intelligence quotient and I've chosen to use it wisely, inquiring into the depths of what keeps us afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile. My hopes are to provide some transcendance or rather trance end dance, to it all. I even incorporated that on a promo for a television show I did in the early 90s.

The 'stuff' here is incomplete, but it does give a wide-angle view of my activity in life and on the web. I've had some wonderful mentors, including my adoptive parents, and I only seek to honor and respect their wisdom through my life's work. Of course, who can deny an early awakening that was so mind-blowing and spiritually significant that it permeates everything in my life with the theme of 'harmony among people and planet' a new world order of a newly ordered world. NOW is the best place to be, free of constraints and distractions. Enjoy your journey and continue to lead with the vision of a new living awareness for all.

The links above take you down my rabbit hole. Just remember that the journey is one of discovery and sharing.

My major accomplishment.... Zendor the Contrarian

Zendor the Contrarian

A Short Intro...

I'm just a guy with more time than sense, it seems, although I like to make sense common. I've spent years compiling experience and information, crafting a number of books and a variety of presentations across the web. I've gathered most of stuff here in hopes that it may help others in their journey. I strive to be autnentic, even at the risk of appearing incredulous. Truth is often stranger than fiction, so we are told, and indeed it has been that way for me. Perhaps you, too. If any of this material corroborates your experience, then I've been successful.

Thanks for stopping by and may we all assist the transformation of our thoughtmosphere to a resounding display within the heartmosphere of humanity - as harmony among people and planet in our lifetimes.

Zendor the Contrarian - 828 pages (Zen's One-Sheet)

is a new millennial myth wrapped in a true story about an orphan's discovery of his origins. Trials and tribulations of garnering wisdom in a world that seems so alien are even more complicated by reconciling encounters with extraterrestrials. His life unfolds as his curiosity deepens, things adding up to more than he ever expected along the way; reconciling encounters quite to the contrary of belief systems currently adhered to in the world.

Zendor wields a sharp intellect and insatiable quest for understanding the weird stuff that happens to him as he questions the nature of reality and his place in it. A near-death experience in college sets him firmly on a path into the unknown. He takes the reader on timely explorations of possibility and offers poignant considerations that could affect life dramatically.

Knowing his 'mission/purpose' is to assist in the facilitation of a 'new world order' he continues to probe and prostrate himself before what he trusts as 'Truth' and the parts of himself that begin surfacing to engage the non-linear environments. At times he is just an observer and at others he is a dynamic contributor, but he still grapples with the 'sanity' of these experiences.

How does he do it? You'll love how the subtle details evolve. This is a true story, an evolving truth of humanity's evolution and rightful place among the stars as seen through one who is discovering it on the fly. You might find some correlation or corroboration with your own experience.

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From a reader:

You won't again see yourself or the world in the same way

It isn't often you get to review a book by someone you already know, respect - and this respect is based on the results that Zen delivers in the real, concrete world where most of us live. Zen is a perfect combination of can-do problem solver and off-your-radar philosopher in one amazing human being.

His book, Zendor The Contrarian, speaks of this world and other worlds with data, experience, insights, and questions, many of which the reader is challenged to answer - or at least ponder for extended periods.

Zen does not dispense recipes and firm answers to life's questions. Instead, he invites you to use all six senses and to think. I have not been lucky enough to attend one of his workshops or retreats, yet I am dead sure I would leave with fewer limits to the possibilities in my life.

What Zen and I have in common is that we were adopted as young children. The effect that simple event has on one's psyche is profound and lasting an entire lifetime. We are forced to ask question after question. Who am I, really? Where did I come from? Why did I grow up with these people and not "my real parents?" What is my special purpose in this universe?

Zen will take you there. Enjoy.

May 20, 2013 By John P. Dermody

Don't forget to get COSMIC CONUNDRUM: WHO AM I ? as a companion volume to help you discover your own inner wisdom.

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About Bruce 'Zen' Benefiel

Orphaned and adopted young, Bruce began having experiences of apparent extraterrestrial origin at 8, witnessing his trips to an orange cigar-shaped cloud on a monthly basis and at 18, had a out of body experience beyond the near-death type that gave his life direction and purpose.

Dudley Lynch, author of Strategy of a Dolphin and Mother of All Minds offers, "I consider Zen to be one of those superlative examples of what the human brain can store and serve up in unique and appealing ways at will on most any occasion or assignment. To say his range of knowledge and interests are "eclectic" is engaging in understatement. And this is what makes his services as a "possibilities coagulator" for his clients so valuable and exciting."

He served as the liaison for the Phoenix Indian School Preservation Coalition, a First Nations coalition made up of representatives from 18 of the 21 tribes in Arizona, for the design/build process of Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix.

After teaching high school for nearly a decade, he wrote a business plan for an educational village that draws out the natural cycles, rhythms and yearnings of students absent from traditional institutions. It includes integration of green and psychospiritual technologies.

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Zendor the Contrarian

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